Hi there, I’m Kenneth Hutto, some people call me Ken for short. I am a CPA and Accountant in the Lakeland Florida area and have been working in this field for some amount over 25 years. My firm, Hutto & Associates is here to assist you with any tax or legal questions relating to finances and taxes that you may have. However, this is my personal website where I am free to write about whatever I feel like. Here I will show you things like my hobbies, my travels and other exciting tidbits from life.

First let me start with my town – Lakeland, FL. That’s where my office is located and I just have to say it is like a little slice of heaven. It’s an absolute joy to be able to serve the people of Lakeland and Florida. Some of my favorite things to do in town are to walk around the great historic districts with their beautiful architecture. Of course it is also fun to go to a Tigers game with the family. The Tigers are the local minor league baseball team and I have my Lakeland pride ready to go whenever we show up to the game.

Of course, where would I be without the namesake of Lakeland, the lakes! I love to go to Lake Parker – but if you go there watch out for the gators! Lake Parker has a lot of paved trails to explore and it’s beautiful with our sunny weather. There are also many cool birds to see. It’s great for a day with the family or a walk alone. It’s just one of the many things I love about being a lawyer here in Lakeland. Keep following my personal blog for more things I love about our great city of Lakeland.