Personally, I love to travel and when I get to do it in conjunction with work, it is even better. There are many people out there who think that travel is not only fun, but that it can even make you a better person and I have to say that I agree. Sure I have studied all the books and case studies to become a CPA and then a lawyer, but traveling gives all of that knowledge a certain depth that I can’t get from a book.

On my travels I have met some interesting people who were very different from me. It has given me the ability to relate to a wider variety of clients and has also taught me to never assume much about anyone. This has been very valuable to me as a lawyer both in my office and in the courts.

As a CPA, I am most familiar with the tax systems that we have here in the USA, but traveling to foreign nations gives me the opportunity to talk to other accountants and lets me become a better CPA by giving me knowledge of systems outside of our own.

Traveling also inspires me to be better. I get to see incredible things and it makes me feel humble and appreciative for what I have. It makes me feel grateful that I get to help people in Florida with their tax and financial issues because that is where my passion lies.

Traveling also teaches me how to be adaptable which is sometimes neccesary in my professional environment. Sometimes the conditions of a case are not ideal but if I can not get caught up in a negative mindset, adapt my thinking and be creative then I can help my clients better than ever before.