Family and especially family time is very important to me, and it all ties together with my values as a CPA and lawyer. My family always raised me to be very humble and hard working, and those values have held hard into my adult life, as you can tell from my career path. I hit the ground running since day one and it was because of the emotional support of my family that I was able to do so. Of course becoming an accountant and lawyer is every mother’s dream for her son, but I do know some families who might think that would be too big of a bite to chew for their progeny. My family only encouraged me to be my best, and I attribute a lot of my success today to them. I feel so lucky to have a great family that enjoys coming together on the holidays and making beautiful memories together, and having fun times throughout the year.

As a lawyer, ethics and responsibility are very important to me and I have to say that my interest in those two areas of life started early and if you can guess the theme of this article – yes, it all started with my parents. They taught me and my siblings that the only way to be is ethical and moral, and they did a good job of teaching us right from wrong. If you ask me, and of course I might be a little bit biased, but that makes a great start for a good lawyer. From a young age, playing judge with a toy gavel, until now, helping people has been my passion, and I am happy that I get to do it in a field that I am so passionate about and knowledgeable in – tax law.