You know what they say…All work and no play makes Jack (Kenneth in this case!) a dull boy. Well, I live by that tenet to a certain extent. Of course I work hard and make sure to serve my clients well, but I also know the importance of having a somewhat balanced life. While my first priority is to my law firm, I also make sure to spend plenty of time with my family and sometimes I even like to let loose on a motorcycle ride! It might sound dangerous but the fact that I have to be so cautious while riding brings me into a “flow” state that is hard to get into sometimes. I can recall this flow state when I am at my firm’s office, going through documents or preparing case files, so it actually allows me to concentrate better.

Having adventures is what allows me to come back to the office on a Monday morning refreshed and ready to fight for you in the courtroom or in a special hearing. I feel lucky that I don’t have to go far here in Lakeland to get some of that refreshment. We always have sunny days and even though the summers are hot and there are usually passing thunderstorms in the afternoon, the area is beautiful and I love to experience it fully on the weekends. This lifestyle allows me to jump back head and feet first to work for my clients in getting them the best outcomes on their cases and files, which is my top priority.

It wasn’t always like this, there was a time when I would work all through the weekend and not take any time for myself. I realized I need a little fun in order to keep going all the time when it counts.

So if you see me zipping by on a motorcycle, you can know that I am just getting my fill of flow and don’t worry, I’m a very careful driver!