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Contact Ken

Welcome to My Site

Hi there, I'm Kenneth Hutto, some people call me Ken for short. I am a CPA and Accountant in the Lakeland Florida area and have been working in this field for some amount over 25 [...]

Travel Makes a Good Lawyer

Personally, I love to travel and when I get to do it in conjunction with work, it is even better. There are many people out there who think that travel is not only fun, but [...]

The Importance of Family

Family and especially family time is very important to me, and it all ties together with my values as a CPA and lawyer. My family always raised me to be very humble and hard working, [...]

All Work and No Play…

You know what they say...All work and no play makes Jack (Kenneth in this case!) a dull boy. Well, I live by that tenet to a certain extent. Of course I work hard and make [...]

“Kenneth Hutto is a superb lawyer and CPA. Everyone at his firm is friendly and welcoming, and we look forward to coming to his office whenever neccesary.”

Nigel Rawlinson

What Does Ken Hutto Do?

Kenneth Hutto is an expert CPA and lawyer with over 25 years of experience in the field. He is also qualified to be an expert accountant witness in  the courtroom when needed.


Expert Legal Services in Florida

Whether you need help with asset management issues like elder abuse or wills, or you have some tax issues you need to have taken care of, Kenneth Hutto can help.


The Florida Community

Ken Hutto is a CPA & lawyer in Lakeland Florida, where he has his firm, Hutto & Associates. He is a local there and he enjoys everything that the Tampa area has to offer including lakes and beaches.