kennethhuttopersonalI’m Kenneth Hutto and this is my personal website. I am a CPA and lawyer in Lakeland Florida. My firm, Hutto and Associates provides services ranging from tax services to representing clients in cases of elder abuse, asset management (and mismanagement!) and other financial cases. I was a CPA before I became a lawyer, and I decided to become a lawyer in this field because I felt I could really help more people if I had the power of both certifications on my side. A few years after becoming a CPA I was certified to be an expert accountant witness for Polk, Highland and Hardee counties in the state of Florida. I was glad to add another way to help the folks of my community! Finally, I am also certified to value businesses as I am certified by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

I have litigated hundreds of cases over the course of my continuing career and the areas are all related to financial issues and tax problems. Anything from a business dispute to a breach of contract may be the reason why you would want to come and see me and get services from my firm. In addition, we also provide bookkeeping from a Quickbooks Pro Certified Advisor so that your books can be clean and efficient from the start.

I am a hard worker and I will go to work for you as my client. I’m telling you that you want a guy like me on your team in the court room or in a special hearing session. Please feel free to contact me through this website or the site for my firm to find out more about the services I offer and how we can work together to get the best outcome possible for you.